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Flex Foam Catalysts | VALIKAT Sn & Zn 

Stannous & Zinc Polyurethane Catalysts for Flexible PU Foam 

Experience the high quality of our VALIKAT stannous and zinc catalysts. Promoting the polyol-isocyanate reaction in flexible PU foams, our polyurethane catalysts help achieve ideal foam properties like hardness, density, and resilience. VALIKAT works great in bedding and furniture slabstock, and even low VOC applications such as automotive seating. 

Selecting the right polyurethane catalysts is crucial for obtaining the desired rise and cure profile, resulting in the right PU foam properties. Find your best formulation match in our overview below 

urethane catalysts for flexible slabstock foam applications

Need help in choosing a suitable Flexible Foam Catalyst for your needs?

Stannous Octoate Catalyst

As the most common flexible foam catalyst, VALIKAT Sn 2808 ensures excellent reaction performance in flexible PU foam.  

VALIKAT Sn 2808 Stannous octoate with 28% metal content. 
Used in flexible PU foam as a urethane reaction catalyst. 

Stannous Octoate Replacement - Stannous Neodecanoate & Stannous Ricinoleate Catalysts

In response to toxicity concerns with traditional stannous octoate, we have developed high-performing substitutes to tackle issues related to 2-ethylhexanoic acid and its metal salts. For low VOC applications like car interiors, our VALIKAT Sn ZE serves as an ideal solution. 

Interested in reading more on our efforts to create safe, low-toxic chemicals with improved environmental impact? Read our information on octoate replacement

VALIKAT Sn 2510 Stannous neodecanoate with 24-25% metal content. 
One-to-one replacement for stannous octoate. 
Used in flexible PU foam as a urethane reaction catalyst. 
VALIKAT Sn ZE Stannous ricinoleate with 13% metal content. 
Fit for low VOC applications. 
Used in flexible PU foam as a urethane reaction catalyst.

Zinc Octoate Catalyst

Zinc carboxylates serve as co-catalysts in flexible PU foam formulations. They enable effective back-end curing, preventing cold flow formation. 

VALIREX Zn 22 Zinc octoate with 22% metal content.  
Improved back-end curing. 
Used in flexible PU foam as a urethane reaction co-catalyst. 

Zinc Octoate Replacement – Zinc Neodecanoate Catalyst 

We have designed a high-performing alternative to zinc octoate, addressing toxicity concerns linked to 2-ethylhexanoic acid and its metal salts.  

Curious about our commitment to creating safer, low-toxic chemicals with reduced environmental impact? Discover more about our octoate replacement efforts! 

VALIKAT Zn 1910 Zinc neodecanoate with 19% metal content.  
Improved back-end curing. 
Used in flexible PU foam as a urethane reaction co-catalyst.

Your experienced partner for tailor-made Flex Foam Catalyst solutions.  
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If you do not find a suitable product in our overview, Umicore provides custom solutions for your unique formulation or process. As an experienced metal carboxylates manufacturer, we can help you develop the right product. Our R&D team is available for assistance with analyses and testing to meet your requirements. Additionally, we offer pilot plant capacity to ensure a seamless scale-up of your custom catalyst. 

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Application Manager Catalysts