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Metalworking Fluid Additives | VALILUBE

Discover Our Metalworking Fluid Additives and Their Functions! 

Our VALILUBE fatty acid esters are produced from Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA), a sustainably sourced raw material with a negative carbon footprint, obtained from responsibly managed pine forests. Our esters retain the benefits of these raw materials, making them biodegradable. Umicore also provides calcium sulfonate detergents under the VALILUBE brand, featuring antioxidizing and scale-inhibiting properties. 

In addition to our metal carboxylate and fatty acid ester manufacturing expertise, Umicore has extensive experience as a naphthenic acid supplier, owning Europe's largest distillation unit. Our products can be transformed into high-quality metalworking fluid additives, with properties depending on the specific application and end-product requirements. 

high-performance additives for MWFs

Need help choosing the best Metalworking Additive for your needs?

Fatty Acid Esters as Mineral Oil Replacement in Metalworking Fluids (MWFs) 

Our fatty acid esters serve as high-performance additives in metalworking fluids (MWFs). VALILUBE's properties enhance the hydrolytic stability of the entire system, ensuring effective and uniform mixing of the MWF and water. Additional benefits of our esters are improved lubrication, cooling, and stability. In addition, our products minimize foam formation, this foam reduction prevents fluid compression in order to maintain optimal lubrication and power transmission. 
VALILUBE products can also act as base fluids in MWFs, replacing or supplementing mineral oil as the primary lubricating fluid. 
Bio-based esters, like our Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) products, are gaining popularity in metalworking fluid applications. They offer excellent lubrication while being low in toxicity and eco-friendly, positioning them as appealing alternatives to traditional options. 

VALILUBE TM 100.11  Trimethylol Propane (TMP) Ester. 
High-viscosity grade. 
Used in metalworking fluid applications as mineral oil replacement/supplement. 
VALILUBE TT 100.05  Trimethylol Propane (TMP) Ester. 
Low-viscosity grade. 
Used in metalworking fluid applications as mineral oil replacement/supplement. 

Calcium Sulfonate Detergents for Metalworking Fluids (MWFs)

Detergents play a vital role in maintaining metalworking fluid systems clean. VALILUBE Ca neutralizes acids, ensures corrosion resistance, and offers antioxidizing and scale-inhibiting properties. This product excels in high-temperature environments, providing outstanding steam and water resistance

VALILUBE Ca 15 S 400 Calcium Sulfonate Soap with 15% metal content. 
Used in metalworking fluid applications as detergent, antioxidant, scale-inhibitor. 

Our Naphthenic Acid

Naphthenic acid is derived from crude oil, biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment, making it an environmentally friendly base material for metalworking fluid additives.  

Naphthenic Acid Distilled natural, petroleum-derived acid. 

Your experienced partner for Naphthenic Acid & tailor-made Fatty Acid Esters and Metal Soaps for Metalworking Fluid Additives! 

If you do not find the right fit in our product overview, Umicore provides tailored solutions for your unique formulation or process needs. As an expert in fatty acid esters, metal carboxylates, and a top supplier of naphthenic acid, we are here to help. Our application manager and R&D team are eager to assist with analyses and testing, ensuring your custom additive achieves the desired properties. 

Keivan Zolfaghar

Keivan Zolfaghar

Application Manager Naphthenic Acid, Lubes & Greases and Fuel Additives