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Polymer Additives | ECOS, VALISORB, VALIREX

Oxygen Scavengers for PET, Acid Scavengers for PE & PP and Adhesion Control Agents for PVB Films

Explore Umicore's diverse range of metal carboxylates, tailored for the packaging & films industry. Our specialty additives for polymer applications include oxygen scavengers for PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET), acid scavengers for PolyEthylene (PE) and PolyPropylene (PP), and adhesion control agents for PolyVinyl Butyral (PVB). 

A well-informed choice of additives is important to enhance your polymers with the desired functionalities, resulting in a superior final product. With several options regarding food contact approval, polymer type, and compatibility, we offer a range of solutions for your specific needs. 

plastic additives for superior polymers

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Cobalt Stearate Oxygen Scavengers for PET Beverage & Food Packaging

Boost the performance of your food and beverage packaging with oxygen scavenging, a barrier technology that protects the packaged product and ensures long-lasting quality. Our ECOS cobalt stearate oxygen scavenger chemicals extend shelf life significantly.  

By relying on oxygen scavenging systems, you can reduce the need for preservatives, benefiting both the environment and human health. Explore our products below! 

ECOS S 9.5 Cobalt stearate with 9.5% metal content. Also available in micro pellets. 
Used in PET packaging as an oxygen scavenger. 
ECOS S 9.5 V Cobalt stearate with 9.5% metal content. Also available in micro pellets. 
Produced with a bio-based fatty acid. 
Used in PET packaging as an oxygen scavenger.

Zinc Carboxylate Acid Scavengers for PolyEthylene and PolyPropylene  

Experience enhanced durability in your polymer systems with our VALISORB zinc carboxylates, essential acid scavengers. They neutralize acidic impurities during polymerization, preventing unwanted reactions and product degradation.  

Acids can originate from raw materials like pigments, flame retardants, or fillers, or arise during the manufacturing process in the form of catalyst residues. Since acid impurities can enter polymers in various ways, incorporating an acid scavenger is vital for preserving the final properties.  

VALIKAT Zn 1910 Zinc neodecanoate with 19% metal content.  
Used in PE & PP as an acid scavenger. 
VALISORB Zn 10 R Zinc ricinoleate with 10% metal content.  
Used in PE & PP as an acid scavenger. 
New Development Zinc laurate. 
Used in PE & PP as an acid scavenger. 

Magnesium Neodecanoate Adhesion Control Agents for PolyVinyl Butyral Films

Adhesion control agents are crucial for the proper functioning of laminated glass with PVB interlayers. Achieving the ideal adhesion balance between the glass layers and PVB film ensures a durable and safe product.  

Rely on our VALIREX magnesium product for the right adhesion, crafting secure and long-lasting laminated glass products such as car and safety windows. 

VALIREX Mg 2 Mix Neo-AC  Magnesium neodecanoate with 2% metal content.  
Used in PVB films as an adhesion control agent. 

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If our product overview does not fit your needs, Umicore provides custom solutions for your unique formulation or process. As a skilled metal carboxylate manufacturer, we gladly assist you in developing the right product. Our R&D team offers analysis, testing, and pilot plant capacity for seamless scale-up of your tailored additive.

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Application Manager Catalysts