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Your Trusted Alkyd Resin Supplier

Umicore brings years of expertise as an established alkyd resin manufacturer. We are operative in waterborne alkyds, regular solvent-based alkyds and modified alkyd resins
Our talented team of skilled chemists, application managers, engineers, lab analysts, and operators, combined with our state-of-the-art industrial equipment, ensures we stand ready to fulfill your requirements. 

Want to have more information on our Alkyd Resin portfolio?

Alkyd Resins – Chemical Structure & Manufacturing Process

"Alkyds," short for alkyd resins, are formed by chemically reacting a polyalcohol with an organic acid or anhydride, and a vegetable oil or fatty acid. The reaction process consumes the acid, leading to a decreasing acid value the longer the process continues. The reaction also generates a 3D structure, which results in increasing viscosity. The alkyd resin manufacturing process is stopped once the target acid value and/or viscosity profile is achieved, determining the final alkyd resin properties. Depending on the oil length (the vegetable oil content), alkyds can be categorized as short, medium, or long oil alkyd resins. 

Bio Alkyds for a Sustainable Future in Alkyd Paint Chemistry

At Umicore, we are committed to directing our research and development towards a greener future. Within our alkyd resin portfolio, we have developed a solution derived from vegetable raw materials that achieves an 80% bio-based content.

But we are not stopping there. We are currently creating a second-generation product that aims to nearly reach the 100% bio-based content milestone! Visit our product page for the VALIRES RB 085.88 soya alkyd resin to find out more. 

Alkyd Resin Applications – Major Paint Ingredients

With years of research and close collaboration with the paints & coatings industry, we have developed a broad portfolio of raw materials. Alkyds serve as binders, giving structure to the coating and binding all components together.

Alkyd resins are instrumental in achieving a smooth, glossy, and durable finish that withstands wear and tear, suitable for decorative applications, industrial applications, anti-corrosion coatings, and wood finishes. 

Modified Alkyd Resins & Alkyd Emulsions

One major advantage of alkyds is that they can be modified with other materials to enhance their properties. Our portfolio of modified alkyd resins includes silicone alkyds, thixotropic alkyds, and urethane alkyds. Besides solvent-based alkyds, we also provide water-based alkyd resins, often referred to as "alkyd emulsions." For further information, visit our portfolio of alkyd binders