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Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a competitive manufacturing process for small precision components that would be costly to produce by alternative methods.

It is capable of producing:

  • In both large and small volumes
  • Complex shapes
  • From almost all types of materials including metals, ceramics, intermetallic compounds, and composites

The standard PM process is to compact a lubricated powder mix in a rigid die by uniaxial pressure, eject the compact from the die, and sinter it.

Almost any metal that can be produced in a suitable powder form can be processed by MIM.

The list of metals that are used includes low alloy steels, high-speed steels, stainless steels, superalloys, intermetallics, magnetic alloys, hard metals, high-density alloys, etc.

Umicore supplies:

  • Spherical carbonyl iron powder
  • Nickel powder
  • Tungsten powder and "ready to be compounded" High Density alloys 

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