Cobalt & Specialty Materials

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials (CSM) is a worldwide leader in the recycling, refining, transformation and marketing of cobalt and nickel specialty chemicals. We are present at every step in the value chain, from sourcing to distribution. Our broad expertise covers a multitude of applications in both chemical and powder metallurgy. Our production units and sales offices are present on all continents.

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials produces a variety of cobalt- and nickel-based chemicals for a wide range of applications.

Valirex® Noval Next

The new MEKO replacement

Keep your paints fresh and avoid unwanted drying or skinning in the can using a MEKO free alternative.

While many anti-skinning agents are available, Valirex® Noval Next is the only one that keeps paint lasting the longest with minimal impact on health and the environment.

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