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Surface Treatments

Through a unique in-house process, Umicore produces two consistent and pure grades of nickel sulphate, standard grade and electroless grade, which meet the highest standards in the electroplating and electroless plating industries.

Along with nickel sulphate, Umicore provides nickel sulphamate, the essential compound for producing plating baths that require higher deposition rates and specific deposition properties such as reduced stress. Our nickel sulphamate can be used as an underplate for plating with tin, silver, and gold.

Our nickel hydroxy carbonate, available in different nickel contents, can be used to adjust the pH of plating baths or in the formulation of tri-cation phosphating baths, which are used in conversion treatment or in Zn-Ni or Cu-Ni surface treatment.

Next to this, we offer a broad range of other nickel and cobalt chemicals that can be used in the plating industry.