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H2S Scavengers for Asphalt | VALIREX Zinc  

Zinc-based Metal Carboxylates to Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide Levels in Asphalt Streams

Asphalt, a residue of the thermal separation refinery process of petroleum, is known for containing hazardous hydrogen sulfide. Our VALIREX/VALIKAT zinc carboxylates are high-quality zinc-based metal carboxylates, used as treatment chemicals for high H2S scavenging efficiency in asphalt streams. Our products ensure the safety of your operations. 

In the bitumen industry, it's crucial to maintain safe levels of hydrogen sulfide to prevent employee exposure to toxic fumes. By reducing H2S to safe levels, we ensure secure loading, handling, and storage of asphalt. Trust us to provide the solution you need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment

H2S control with Zinc Scavengers

Need help choosing a suitable H2S scavenger for your needs?

Zinc Octoate & Zinc Neodecanoate H2S Scavenger Chemistry

With our VALIREX/VALIKAT zinc sulfur scavenger products, you eliminate the toxic and corrosive properties of hydrogen sulfide, as well as its unpleasant odor. Umicore provides effective solutions that not only enhance the safety of your operations, but also improve the overall quality of your workplace. 

VALIREX Zn 22 Zinc octoate with 22% metal content. 
Used as hydrogen sulfide scavenger in asphalt & bitumen. 
VALIREX Zn 22.5 Zinc octoate with 22.5% metal content. 
Used as hydrogen sulfide scavenger in asphalt & bitumen. 
VALIKAT Zn 1910 Zinc neodecanoate with 19% metal content. 
2-ethylhexanoate-free alternative to zinc octoate products. 
Used as hydrogen sulfide scavenger in asphalt & bitumen. 

Your experienced partner for tailor-made H2S control solutions!  
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At Umicore, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific demands if you cannot find the right product in our overview. As an experienced manufacturer of metal carboxylates, we have the expertise to develop the right solution for your formulation or process. Our R&D department can assist you with analyses and testing, and we offer pilot plant capacity for a smooth scale-up of your tailor-made additive. 

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Application Manager Catalysts