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Your Trusted Naphthenic Acid Supplier 

Umicore has many years of expertise as a leading global naphthenic acid supplier. With Europe's largest naphthenic acid production base at our disposal, we are well-equipped to meet your needs. Discover more about this interesting material below! 

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Benefits of Naphthenic Acid

Naphthenic acid, a natural organic compound, is classified as a monobasic carboxylic acid. It is produced during traditional petroleum refining of naphthenic crude oil and recovered from petroleum waste through caustic washing. 

Originating from crude oil, naphthenic acids are biodegradable and do not accumulate in the environment. This makes them an eco-friendly choice for various applications. 

Naphthenic Acid-derived Products – Metal Naphthenates

In addition to our expertise as a naphthenic acid supplier, our proficiency in metal carboxylates production enables us to transform these natural acids into value-adding chemicals. Naphthenates are salts of naphthenic acids, combined with metals or metal oxides. The resulting metal naphthenates serve various industrial purposes. Our portfolio includes copper, zinc, and bismuth-based metal naphthenates

Typical Applications of Naphthenic Acid: Corrosion Inhibition, Fungicides and Many More!

Wood Preservatives

In wood applications, our products are processed into wood preservatives, protecting the material from decay and insect damage. We supply naphthenic acid as a base material for the wood industry, where it's processed into copper naphthenate. This metal naphthenate offers exceptional wood protection, as it penetrates deeply, providing long-lasting defense against decay, insects, and water. Besides being compatible with numerous wood species, it is easily applied to wood surfaces. Copper naphthenate proves ideal for diverse wood preservation uses, including fence posts, utility poles, and railroad ties. 

Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor production in Oilfield Applications 

Imidazoline products are popular organic corrosion inhibitors in the oil and gas industry. Our high-quality naphthenic acid contributes to crafting top-notch products, designed to tackle even the toughest corrosion challenges. 

Lubricant & Grease & Metalworking Fluid Additives 

Our naphthenic acid serves as an ideal base material for manufacturing lubricant additives and metalworking fluid additives. We also offer bismuth naphthenates, which function as Extreme Pressure (EP) additives in lubricants, safeguarding equipment against wear and seizure under heavy loads and high pressure. On top of our bismuth soaps, our portfolio features zinc naphthenates as well, acting as anti-wear agents to minimize abrasive wear on metal surfaces by forming protective intermediate layers. Moreover, our product works as rust inhibitor for greases and lubricants, preventing surface degradation caused by water, acids, and oxygen, thus averting equipment malfunctions or even total failure. 

Marine Antifouling Coatings 

As a trusted partner to the marine industry, we supply naphthenic acid for use in antifouling coatings. When applied to ship and boat hulls, these coatings effectively prevent the growth of marine organisms.