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Zinc Octoate - VALIREX Zn 22

Zinc Octoate - VALIREX Zn 22

Zinc Octoate with 22% Metal Content

VALIREX Zn 22 is a high-quality, zinc-based metal carboxylate with 22% Zn. The product is used as liquid paint drier to regulate open time and improve through drying of oxidatively curing coatings. Further applications include: polyurethane catalyst and sulfur scavenging. VALIREX Zn 22 has a reduced viscosity for optimal compatibility.

Technical Specifications of Zinc Octoate - VALIREX Zn 22

Physical Appearance




Metal Content

22% zinc

Specific Weight (kg/m3)


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Applications - Drier, Catalyst and More!

(Auxiliary) Drier/siccative for paints & coatings, including marine coatings

Polyurethane catalyst: CASE, flexible foam

Hydrogen sulfide scavenger for various industries

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Ali Atak

Ali Atak

Application Manager Inks, Coatings, Composites