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Toll Manufacturing Capabilities & Equipment

Chemical Toll Manufacturing – Chemistry & Industrial Process Capabilities 

Chemistries Industrial Processes
Alkyd resins  Distillation
Alkyd emulsions  Esterification 
Fatty acid esters  Polyaddition 
Naphthenic acid Polymerization 
Resin solutions  Saponification 
Polyols  Dissolving 
Solid cobalt metal organics Drumming 
Various liquid metal organics Pelletization 

Chemical Toll Manufacturing – Industrial Equipment 

List of Reactors

Volume Material Temperature Vacuum    
Pilot plant reactor 240 l Stainless steel AISI 316L  270°C - Thermal oil Full vacuum  
Industrial reactors 6 500 l to 30 000 l Stainless steel AISI 316L
to Hastelloy C276 
170°C - Steam
to 270°C - Thermal oil
Full vacuum  

Distillation Unit

Material Temperature Vacuum    
Wiped film evaporator Stainless steel AISI 304L & 316L  300°C - Thermal oil Full vacuum  

Miscellaneous Equipment

Numerous vessels with agitators & steam heating 
Pelletization unit 
Precipitation unit 
Dust-free solids handling equipment
Extensive bag and plate filtration equipment
Large tank farm 
State-of-the art industrial warehousing

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Chemical Toll Manufacturing – Analytical Competences & Laboratory Equipment

Discover our laboratory setting, where scientific precision meets technological excellence. We invest in state-of-the-art lab equipment to ensure the most accurate measurements possible. Our team regularly undergoes rigorous training to become dedicated experts in operating our advanced instruments. With a wealth of experience in challenging analysis, gained from working with our own complex and extensive product portfolio, we deliver reliable results that drive progress. Partnering with us means gaining access to an unrivaled combination of cutting-edge equipment, expert knowledge, extensive experience in chemical analysis and quality control. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality data results that drive your research, development, and production forward.

Analytical Services

Chemical Analysis

We offer detailed chemical analysis, including spectroscopy, titration, oxidative state determination and sample preparation. 

Material Characterization

We have vast experience in material characterization including physical properties, chemical properties and structure.  

Analytical Services

We are your partner for research & development, dedicated consultancy, analysis and application testing. 

List of Laboratory Equipment

Full possibility to simulate reactor processes in lab scale glass reactors. 
Coating formulation lab with complete range of dispersion techniques available. 
Application and control facilities, including mechanical coaters and spraying.
Dedicated rubber laboratory for application testing. 
Controlled climate room for drying testing, microscopy for particle size determination. 
Colorimeter, FT-IR spectrometry, GC and GPC, XRF, ICP. 
Different types of viscometers and rheology testing equipment, testing equipment for coatings.  
Access to the resources of the central R&D lab and the several engineering departments of Umicore.

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