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Ring-Opening Catalysts | VALIKAT Sn

Catalysts for Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters

Our VALIKAT stannous catalysts, high-quality stannous-based metal carboxylates, enable ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters into aliphatic polyesters. Best known examples are PolyLactic Acid (PLA), PolyCaproLactone (PCL), and PolyGlycolic Acid (PGA). 
During the ring-opening polymerization process, our VALIKAT Sn catalyst exhibits high efficiency and low racemization activity. Additional benefits include air and moisture stability, as well as the ability to produce high molecular weight polymers
The specific type of catalyst used can significantly influence the resulting biopolymer's properties. Thoughtful selection is essential for achieving the desired molecular weight distribution, thermal stability, and mechanical properties.

Efficient catalysts for strong polymer chains

Need help choosing a suitable ring-opening catalyst for your needs?

Stannous Octoate Catalyst

VALIKAT Sn 2808 Stannous octoate with 28% metal content.  
Used as a ring-opening catalyst for polymerization of cyclic esters. 

Stannous Octoate Replacement – Stannous Neodecanoate Catalyst

We have developed an alternative stannous catalyst as a substitute for widely used stannous octoate catalysts, addressing current toxicity concerns associated with 2-ethylhexanoic acid and its metal salts. 

Curious about our efforts to create safer, low-toxicity chemicals with a reduced environmental footprint? Read more about octoate replacement

VALIKAT Sn 2510 Stannous neodecanoate with 24-25% metal content.  
Used as a ring-opening catalyst for polymerization of cyclic esters. 

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Should our product overview does not cover your needs, note that Umicore specializes in creating custom solutions for your unique formulation or process needs. As an experienced producer of metal carboxylates, we are here to assist you in developing the perfect solution. Our R&D team is eager to help with analysis and testing, catered to your demands. Furthermore, we provide pilot plant capacity to ensure a seamless scale-up of your tailor-made catalyst. 

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Stijn Dekeukeleire

Application Manager Catalysts