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Rechargeable batteries

We are producers and distributors of materials for a wide range of rechargeable battery applications, which power our lives in a huge range of activities, including toys, mobile phones, computers, vehicles, and even spacecraft. 
In our portfolio, we have very pure battery-grade cobalt oxide for the production of lithium cobalt oxides (LCO), used for portable devices.

Further, battery-grade cobalt sulphate and nickel sulphate, used for the production of nickel cobalt aluminum oxides (NCA), and nickel manganese cobalt oxides (NMC), are available. These are typical in automotive and stationary power fields.

Cobalt metal powder and various shapes of nickel metal, which can be used to make battery-grade sulfates, are also present in our long list of cobalt and nickel materials.

A range of spherical nickel hydroxides, coated or pure, is available for the production of NiMH, NiZn, and silver-zinc batteries. Additionally, we also offer selenium metal granules for the production of lead batteries, along with lead metal.