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Oilfield Chemicals | VALIREX

Zinc-based H2S Scavengers & Naphthenic Acid for Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor Production

Our VALIREX zinc carboxylates are top-quality zinc-based metal carboxylates, used as treatment chemicals for H2S removal from oil. This way, unwanted odor emissions are prohibited, ensuring a safer work environment. 

Beyond our metal carboxylate manufacturing expertise, Umicore has years of experience as a naphthenic acid supplier, disposing of Europe's largest distillation unit. We are a reliable partner to the oilfield industry, where our products contribute to producing imidazoline corrosion inhibitors. The right naphthenic acid properties are crucial for compatibility with other raw materials in the imidazoline production process. Trust in Umicore's experience to guide you to the right solution. 

high H2S scavenging efficiency and protection against corrosion

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Zinc Octoate Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers – High H2S Scavenging Efficiency

Umicore's VALIREX Zn products offer an effective H2S scavenger solution for the oil and gas industry. Our sulfur scavengers facilitate the removal of unwanted hydrogen sulfide from viscous petroleum streams, such as oil slurries and crude oil. 

VALIREX Zn 22 Zinc octoate with 22% metal content. 
Used in the oilfield industry as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger. 
VALIREX Zn 22.5 Zinc octoate with 22,5% metal content. 
Used in the oilfield industry as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger. 

Our Naphthenic Acid for Imidazoline Protection Against Corrosion

Imidazoline products rank among the most popular organic corrosion inhibitors in the oil and gas industry. Our naphthenic acid contributes to crafting reliable products, designed to combat even the most severe corrosion challenges

Naphthenic Acid Distilled natural, petroleum-derived acid. 

Your partner for Naphthenic Acid & Zinc Carboxylates in Oilfield applications. 
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In case our product overview does not cover your needs, Umicore also offers tailor-made solutions for your formulation or process. Next to being a skilled manufacturer of metal carboxylates, we are a leading naphthenic acid provider, disposing of Europe's largest distillation unit. This makes us equipped to support your specific chemical product needs. Our application manager and R&D department are ready to help with analysis and testing, catered to your demands. 

Keivan Zolfaghar

Keivan Zolfaghar

Application Manager Naphthenic Acid, Lubes & Greases and Fuel Additives