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Committed to Regulatory Excellence

Our skilled team diligently makes sure our products meet all necessary regulatory requirements and stays ahead of any upcoming regulatory trends. But our commitment to regulatory excellence does not stop there. We focus on creating safe and low-toxic chemicals to minimize the impact on human health and the environment. Read our news on regulatory developments below. 

Octoate Replacement for a Wide Range of Products

In numerous application domains, concerns about the toxicity of 2-ethylhexanoic acid and its metal salts have been raised. Some common examples include stannous octoate catalysts used in bedding and furniture polyurethane foam and octoate-based paint and ink driers. Drawing on our extensive experience in metal carboxylate manufacturing, we have succeeded in developing high-performing alternative products based on other organic acids. 

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Cobalt Replacement for Paint & Ink Driers

Regulatory changes have led to uncertainty around the future use of traditional cobalt technologies, particularly in consumer applications like the coating and printing ink industry. In response to this, we have developed our ECOS portfolio using unique, patented technology. The ECOS products incorporate metal into a polymeric structure, limiting its bio-accessibility and providing a safer option. 

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MEKO Replacement for Anti-skinning and Isocyanate Blocking

Searching for a direct replacement for MEKO-based anti-skinning agents and isocyanate blockers? Our VALIREX NOVAL NEXT product line provides the perfect solution. This portfolio provides high-performance alternatives to traditional MEKO products, with the added benefit of causing minimal health and environmental impact. 

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