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Cobalt Boro-Acylate - ECOS B 22.5 C

Cobalt Boro-Acylate - ECOS B 22.5 C

Versatile Rubber Adhesion Promoter with Highest Possible Cobalt Content

ECOS B 22.5 C is a rubber adhesion promoter with the highest possible cobalt content, thanks to the combination of boron and multiple synthetic acids. The product contains 22,5% cobalt. ECOS B 22.5 C is a versatile rubber adhesion promoter used in the manufacturing of steel-reinforced radial tires, conveyor belts and hoses.

Technical Specifications of Cobalt Boro-Acylate - ECOS B 22.5 C

Physical Appearance

Solid - pellets


Blue, purple

Metal Content

22,5% cobalt

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Applications - Rubber Adhesion Promoter

Enforcement of rubber-steel adhesion in tires, belts and hoses

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Thomas Schollaert

Thomas Schollaert

Commercial Director Metal Carboxylates & Organics