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About Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges

Your Supplier for Specialty Chemicals

Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges is Umicore's Metal Carboxylates & Organics business line. We have a long tradition in producing alkyd resins, metal carboxylates, naphthenic acid, and rubber adhesion promoters. These products serve several applications in a variety of industries. 

We prioritize Research & Development, using our expertise to develop innovative products. Our aim is to provide client-focused solutions that offer technological excellence, economic efficiency, and ecological benefits. 

Our commitment to develop and produce "materials for a better life"

Umicore is a worldwide leader in materials technology and recycling. Our expertise in materials science and chemistry allows us to make a real difference in several application areas. 

We are committed to sustainable development and adhere to high environmental, social and economic behavior standards. With our products and developments in organic raw materials, additives and catalysts, we contribute to 3 sustainable, global market trends: 

Clean Mobility Materials

As a producer of specialty chemicals for fuel additive applications, we aim to develop and commercialize products that advance the transition to cleaner fuels. Additionally, we are a trusted partner to the tire industry, continuously innovating our range of rubber tire chemicals. Our environmental contributions include various unique approaches, such as providing chemicals that reduce tire rolling resistance and persistently working on developing low-toxicity alternatives for rubber adhesion promoters. 

Sustainable Building & Lifestyle Materials

Our diverse product portfolio serves numerous applications such as paint driers, insulation panels, spray foam insulation, flexible foam for bedding and furniture and more. In each segment, we persistently transform our products to offer low-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals. By focusing on these innovations, we contribute to building a more sustainable future, impacting everyone's daily life! 

Circular Economy Contributions

Our efforts in contributing to a circular economy take many forms. Some notable examples include our production of chemicals for the creation of biopolymers and the recycling of bioplastics

We are committed to eco-efficient business 

Sustainable development
is not only key to our product portfolio, but also to our business operations and chemical manufacturing processes. This is reflected in our initiatives like creating raw materials on-site to reduce transportation emissions, using renewable energy, and collaborating with neighboring companies to repurpose excess heat energy

Over 100 years of experience and entrepreneurial drive in Metal Carboxylates and Organics

Over 100 years ago, Umicore's business line "Metal Carboxylates and Organics", known as "Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges", was founded as a family-owned company by Mr. Corneille Van Loocke. Interested in knowing more? Read how our company developed itself through the years! 


Foundation of the Company

At the start of the 20th century, the company was founded as “Corn. Van Loocke NV” (CVL NV) by Mr. Corneille Van Loocke in the south-east area of Bruges. The original core business of the firm was the distribution of liquid petroleum products (business was disposed as of 1991) and the production of glycerine soaps (business was discontinued as of 1977). 


Wood Preservatives - Metal Soaps

After the Second World War, the founder’s son acquired UCB’s wood preservatives business, based on copper and zinc naphthenate. A new production site was built in 1955, giving birth to a wide range of metal soaps. Until this day, we remain an experienced manufacturer of metal carboxylates

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Alkyd Resins

Through a joint venture with Cray Valley, the company obtained a new production site and formulations for alkyd resins.

Learn more about our alkyd products 


Naphthenic Acid

In 1974, the distillation and distribution activities of naphthenic acid were started.

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New Production Unit

As of 1985, the company relocated to a dedicated heavy industrial site in northern Bruges, where the production facilities remain today. This new production plant provided expansion opportunities, leading to the construction of additional offices and laboratories, as well as an extra reactor to produce modified alkyd binders for the paint and varnish industry.

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Cobalt Adhesion Promoters

With business flourishing in the tire, belts and hoses industry, a new production unit for cobalt resinate was completed in 2005.

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Shares Passed to Umicore

On November 1st, 2007, the company's shares were acquired by the Umicore Group, leading to a name change to "Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges" (USMB). As a part of Umicore's Cobalt & Specialty Materials Unit, USMB benefits from an advantageous position concerning cobalt-containing metal carboxylates. Aligned with the Umicore Group, USMB strives for a sustainable future and puts a high focus on research and development. 


New Production Unit

In 2019, a new production unit with state-of-the-art equipment was installed on the Bruges site, translating Umicore’s efforts towards employee safety.