Sustainable sourcing

Our approach to sustainable development derives in the first instance from our vision, values and organizational principles as stated in The Umicore Way.

Umicore has chosen to position its materials and services as a response to four identified key megatrends: resource scarcity, increasingly stringent emission control, the drive for renewable energy and the electrification of the automobile.
In order to achieve our goals we have set specific performance and impact related objectives. For eco-efficiency, these goals comprise: reduction of carbon footprint, emission reduction, and product sustainability.

Our Sustainable Procurement Charter outlines Umicore's commitment to its suppliers in terms of conduct and practices. In return it requests that suppliers adhere to specific standards concerning environmental stewardship, labor practices and human rights, business integrity and supply chain engagement.

Being the global leading company in the purchase and process of cobalt, Umicore puts an extra focus on the ethical supply of cobalt. Umicore is the first company in the world to have introduced a Sustainable Procurement Framework for Cobalt and is the first to obtain external validation for its ethical procurement approach in this area. It aims to minimize the risk of any connection between the cobalt in its supply chain – and subsequently that of its customers – and human rights abuses or unethical business practices.

The framework builds on the specific approach to sustainable and ethical cobalt sourcing that Umicore introduced in 2004. Since then it has evolved to address specific risks linked to unethical mining practices, such as child labour and poor health and safety conditions.

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REACH is the EU regulatory system for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances. It is applicable to chemical substances manufactured and/or imported in the EU and affects manufacturers, importers and downstream users.

Umicore has embedded REACH in the core of its business ensuring full compliance throughout the value chain at all times. The relation and communication between all actors in the supply chain is key to be REACH compliant, we are therefore committed to support our suppliers and customers during the complete REACH process.

As an industry leader we are a leading member of various metal consortia including:

More general information on REACH:

Quality management

Umicore CSM wants to be a reliable, decisive supplier and partner for its customers by focusing on maintaining the excellent quality of all processes and products and continuously improve as a learning organisation.

Regarding the quality of supply, we commit ourselves to meet customer specific requirements and national/international related norms and directives.

The above mentioned policy is achieved in all plants by:

  • A quality system, which complies with the requirements and norms of NBN EN ISO 9001.
  • An environmental system, which complies with the requirements and norms of NBN EN ISO 14001.
  • A safety culture and health policy, regarding to internal Umicore safety standards worldwide

Health & Safety

A great place to work is a safe, healthy and engaging workplace. Umicore seeks to be a workplace with zero lost time accidents. In terms of occupational health we aim to further reduce employee exposure to specific metals. On people engagement, we also want to make progress on specific strategically important themes of talent management, diversity and employability.


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