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Linseed-based Wax Compound - KBW TF100

Linseed-based Wax Compound - KBW TF100

Linseed-based Polyethylene Compound for Plastic Substrate Inks

KBW TF100 is a linseed-based polyethylene compound formulated to provide consistent wax particle size and outstanding efficiency in rub resistance for highly oxidative systems. The product is effective on non-porous substrates and in low-VOC formulations. Further benefits include good gloss retention and the ability to accept foil stamping and overprinting.

Technical Specifications of Linseed-based Wax Compound - KBW TF100

Physical Appearance



Milky white

Non-Volatile Content (%)


Vehicle Type

Vegetable oil

Polymer Type


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Applications - Ink Additive

Additive to increase rub resistance in highly oxidative ink applications

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