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Soya-Based Wax Compound - KBW TF100S

Soya-Based Wax Compound - KBW TF100S

VOC-free, Soya-based Polyethylene Compound for Food Packaging Inks

KBW TF100S is a soy-based polyethylene compound formulated to provide consistent wax particle size and outstanding efficiency in rub resistance. The product is effective in inks for paper, paperboard, select non-porous substrates and low-VOC formulations. Further benefits include its low-odor and mineral oil-free properties, as well as good gloss retention and the ability to accept foil stamping and overprinting. The product is mainly recommended for food packaging and is Swiss Ordinance compliant.

Technical Specifications of Soya-based Wax Compound - KBW TF100S

Physical Appearance



Milky white

Non-Volatile Content (%)


Vehicle Type

Vegetable oil

Polymer Type


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Applications - Ink Additive

Additive to increase rub resistance in food packaging ink applications

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