Recycling & Refining

Based on many years of experience, Umicore offers an environmentally responsible and commercially attractive recycling solution for scraps & residues containing Cobalt, Nickel Rhenium and Tantalum. Our recycling and refining activity has a worldwide presence with refineries in Belgium, the USA, the Philippines and China.

Products that we are able to recycle include among others:

  • Battery scrap
  • Hard metal scrap from the tool industry
  • Super alloy scrap from the aviation industry
  • Nickel containing bleed and crudes from Copper recyclers
  • Nickel metal, intermediates and residues

Our unique Closed Loop illustrates our passion and commitment to the environment: CSM recycles and refines these scraps and raw materials then transforms them into finished products for multiple applications & markets thanks to a unique set of technical and commercial competencies.