Rechargeable Battery Materials

CSM is offering materials for battery applications such as portable devices and batteries in EV and HEVs.

For portable devices, Umicore offers very pure battery grade cobalt oxide.

Further, very pure battery grade cobalt and nickel sulphate, for the production of nickel cobalt aluminum oxides (NCA), and nickel manganese cobalt oxides (NMC), for automotive and stationary power fields, are part of our portfolio

Finally, we offer a range of spherical nickel hydroxides (coated or pure) for the production of NiMH, NiZn and silver zinc batteries. The foundation of all our products is our core competencies in the fields of chemistry, material science and metallurgy.

The Closed Loop

We approach our markets with a unique Closed Loop concept. Umicore offers an environmentally responsible and commercially attractive recycling solution for the products we put on the market. Our Umicore Battery Recycling activity is one example which illustrates our passion and commitment to the environment by recycling within the Umicore Group.

Battery Recycling Solutions