Industrial Catalysts

Umicore offers a broad portfolio of products that can be used within the field of industrial catalysts. As a cobalt and nickel chemical producer, Umicore is in a unique position to deliver products to the highest benefit of the industrial catalyst manufacturer. Our product portfolio consists of a broad range of salts in both solid and liquid form. We are also able to customize materials to our customers’ applications.

Cobalt salts, such as cobalt hydroxide, cobalt nitrates and cobalt carbonate, are the vital precursors in the production of HDS catalyst and GTL applications. The same complementary salts are available in nickel. With cobalt acetate and manganese acetate we supply a critical element in the fabrication processes of fibers and containers. Mixed cobalt manganese solutions are supplied according to our customer's specified ratios and concentrations.

Further, Umicore produces cobalt octoate and other organic cobalt compounds to serve different catalytic applications.