About us

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials 

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials (CSM) is a worldwide leader in the recycling, refining, transformation and marketing of cobalt and nickel specialty chemicals. We are present at every step in the value chain, from sourcing to distribution. Our broad expertise covers a multitude of applications in both chemical and powder metallurgy. Our production units and sales offices are present on all continents.

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials produces a variety of cobalt- and nickel-based chemicals for a wide range of applications including, but not limited to:

  • rubber tires
  • pigments for ceramics
  • catalysts for paint drying
  • nickel chemicals for surface treatments

Furthermore, we supply one of the key active materials in the growing market for rechargeable batteries.

We offer a wide range of cobalt and pre-alloyed powders for the production of diamond tools and hard metal applications. Our products are used for stone cutting and construction, metal cutting tools and machine parts that are subject to wear and tear.

Our offer also includes a range of recycling services such as cobalt recovery in the petrochemical and hard metals industries and rhenium recovery from superalloys. Most importantly, we guarantee a sustainable supply by continuously reinforcing the entire value chain in order to close the materials loop.

Making a difference to our customers

  • We empower our people to operate with a sense of ownership and entrepreneurship
  • Our processes use traditional and emerging technologies
  • We provide our customers with products that match their needs
  • We service and supply the most extensive product list of organic and inorganic Cobalt and Nickel specialties
  • Our plants and experienced sales operations are present on all major continents


At Umicore, we aim to achieve a balanced supply chain using various raw materials (Cobalt, Nickel and Rhenium refinery feed, metals, metal salts and recycling feed) throughout the value chain in order to create a profitable mix.

In combination with global sourcing, this enables us to minimize geographical risks.

Sourcing, together with recycling and refining, is a key part of our Closed Loop concept: CSM recycles, refines, and transforms scraps and raw materials into finished products for multiple applications & markets thanks to a unique set of technical and commercial competencies.

All raw materials are ethically sourced in line with the Umicore code of conduct with special care for child labor, safe working conditions and EHS. As a leading global company in the purchasing and processing of cobalt, Umicore focuses strongly on ethical supply issues. More information can be found under the sustainability section.

Plants and offices

Umicore CSM Olen

Umicore’s Olen plant is the largest and oldest of CSM's production plants. It is located 40 km east of Antwerp, Belgium's largest port. Olen is both the headquarters of CSM and the home of an extensive R&D center as well as Umicore Business Unit “Electro-Optic Materials”.

Umicore Specialty Chemicals Subic (USCS)

Umicore Specialty Chemicals Subic (USCS) is located at Subic Bay in the Philippines and produces a variety of tailor-made NiCO3 specialties, primarily for the catalyst and pigment industries. USCS also produces Nickel Oxide for the ceramic and glass industries. By having a dedicated but flexible process and workforce, the plant can respond quickly and efficiently to ever-changing market conditions at the clients’ request.

Palm Commodities International, Inc.

Palm Commodities International, Inc. was founded in 1978. Building on a thirty-year foundation of quality, Palm has become a premier worldwide supplier of metals and chemicals serving not only the surface finishing industry, but also the catalyst, battery, and electronics industries.

In late 2013, Palm became a subsidiary of Umicore USA, Inc. and joined Umicore's Cobalt and Specialty Materials business unit.

Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges (USMB)

Since 1907, Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges (USMB) is active in the sales, production, tolling and distribution of various metal organic and organic compounds (carboxylates). Today, USMB employs 100 people in various integrated departments: R&D, Production, Logistics, Sales & Administration. USMB has been a member of the Umicore group since 2007.

Main served industries are Coatings, Industrial Catalysts, Ink Industry, Lubricants & Greases, PU & UPR catalysts and Rubber & Tire.

Umicore Specialty Chemicals Arab (USCA)

Umicore Specialty Chemicals Arab (USCA) is located in the state of Alabama, USA. The plant is focused on the sales, production and distribution of various acetate and nitrate salts based on cobalt, nickel and manganese. In addition to these products, USCA produces a broad range of specialty cobalt and nickel salts. Over the recent years, USCA had developed a market for its production of tailor made salts for catalyst, plating and chemical industry and offers customized recycling activities to its customers for spent catalyst.

Umicore Specialty Powders France (USPF)

Located in Grenoble (France) since 1949, USPF is specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance metal powders and granules dedicated to Diamond tools, Hard Metals and Refractory materials applications. Responsive, flexible, sized to anticipate and meet the needs of its customers and bringing them technical support and assistance, USPF offers wide ranges of cobalt, pre-alloyed, additive, tungsten carbide and tungsten powders. USPF joined Umicore's Cobalt and Specialty Materials business unit in 2017.

USPF has a QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) policy available upon request, using the contact form "Tool Materials".

CSM Canada

CSM Canada is located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, northeast of the city of Edmonton. The plant, which uses a unique hydrometallurgical hydrogen reduction process to produce spherical metal powders of various sizes, was commissioned in 1996.  CSM Canada primarily produces spherical cobalt powders (ranging from 0.5 µm to 1.5 µm Fisher) which are widely accepted in hard metal applications due to the specific advantages related to the spherical morphology.


Umicore Specialty Materials Recycling (USMR) in Wickliffe refines and recycles cobalt- and nickel-containing secondary materials, such as superalloy scrap. USMR transforms these metals into chemicals for the catalyst and petrochemical refining industries. USMR also recycles rhenium from superalloy turbine blades used in the aviation industry. USMR joined Umicore in 2014.


Todini is a Umicore CSM’s trading company and distributor of chemical products specialising in salts and non-ferrous metal oxides such as cobalt, nickel, iodine, selenium, tin, lithium, vanadium, molybdenum, copper, antimony, chromium, bismuth, and tellurium. For many of these products Todini is a leader in distribution in whole Europe. Todini was founded in 1992 on the basis of more than 15 years of experience in the distribution of chemical products to multinationals, distributors and end users. Over the years, Todini has grown from an organization of 2 people to a company employing over 40, with 9 warehouses and 120 different products, supplied in Europe and worldwide.