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Umicore has gained great knowledge on emulsification chemistry and technology. 

Umicore has developed the CROSSCORE 5000, a medium oil alkyd emulsion at 50% solids used in :

  • Interior and exterior primers and topcoats for wood, metal and joinery application
  • Corrosion resistant primers

Alkyds have many benefits. They are based on renewable raw materials. Alkyds cross-link to form a tough and hard film. They have a high gloss potential.  Alkyds have a good open-time and thus an easy workability. They show a nice flow, film formation and have excellent adhesion on various substrates. 

Alkyd emulsions correspond with the strict VOC regulations and don’t need co-solvents to dry. There is no further VOC release after through drying and hardening.



Physical state



Milky, White


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