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Zinc Naphthenate - VALIREX Zn 10 EP

Zinc Naphthenate - VALIREX Zn 10 EP

Zinc-based Anti-Wear and Rust Inhibitor Additive with 10% Metal Content for Lubricants & Greases

VALIREX Zn 10 EP is a zinc-based metal carboxylate with 10% Zn. The product acts as an anti-wear agent in lubricant & grease applications, to minimize abrasive wear on metal surfaces. Additionally, the product ensures corrosion inhibition, shielding surfaces from degradation caused by water, acids and oxygen.

Technical Specifications of Zinc Naphthenate - VALIREX Zn 10 EP

Physical Appearance




Metal Content

10% zinc

Viscosity 25°C (cSt)


Flash Point (°C)


Density 20°C (kg/m3)


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Applications - Anti-wear Additive & Rust Inhibitor

Anti-wear additive in lubricants & greases

Rust/corrosion inhibitor in lubricants & greases

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Keivan Zolfaghar

Keivan Zolfaghar

Application Manager Naphthenic Acid, Lubes & Greases and Fuel Additives