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Mn Neodecanoate - VALIREX Mn 8 Neo D60

Mn Neodecanoate - VALIREX Mn 8 Neo D60

2-EHA-Free Manganese Drier with 8% Metal Content

VALIREX Mn 8 Neo D60 is a manganese neodecanoate at 8% Mn, dissolved in D60. It is mainly used as an ink drier in sheet fed heat set applications. Next to its drier functionalities in ink, the product is also active as a primary drier in paints & coatings. Manganese driers improve the surface drying of the coating and possess some through drying properties. Combination with cobalt results in very well-balanced surface and through drying properties. At higher application temperature, the product can replace traditional cobalt-based carboxylates.

Technical Specifications of Manganese Neodecanoate - VALIREX Mn 8 Neo D60

Physical Appearance




Metal Content

8% manganese


Dearomatized hydrocarbon mixture with a flash point of 60° Celsius.

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Applications - Ink & Paint Drier

Drier/siccative for inks

(Primary) Drier/siccative for paints & coatings

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Ali Atak

Ali Atak

Application Manager Inks, Coatings, Composites