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Micro Alkyd Emulsion - VALIRES HA 040.15

Micro Alkyd Emulsion - VALIRES HA 040.15

Internally Emulsified Micro Alkyd Emulsion at 40% Solids

VALIRES HA 040.15 is a self-stabilized micro alkyd emulsion at 40% solids. VALIRES HA 040.15 dries oxidatively, catalyzed by a compatible drier such as ECOS ND 15 Aqua. This urethanized waterborne resin can be used for primers, top-coats, wood stains, stoving finishes, anti-corrosion coatings, deco paints, varnishes.... The VALIRES HA 040.15 has good mechanical and low yellowing properties, high stability, rapid initial drying and good through drying, high brushability and wet edge, good adhesion, neutral pH and low odor. No neutralization is required. This resin is compatible with many acrylic emulsions and water dispersible melamine resins. The VALIRES HA 040.15 shows an improved drying time and initial hardness, with and without the use of a drier.

Technical Specifications of Micro Alkyd Emulsion - VALIRES HA 040.15

Physical Appearance





Demineralized water

Viscosity 20°C (DIN cup4)


Acid Value (mg KOH/g)


Non-Volatile Content (%)


Density 20°C (g/cm3)


Oil Type


Oil Length (%)


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Ali Atak

Ali Atak

Application Manager Inks, Coatings, Composites

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