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Potassium Carboxylate - VALIKAT K 1410 HR

Potassium Carboxylate - VALIKAT K 1410 HR

2-EHA-Free Potassium Catalyst with 14% Metal Content

VALIKAT K 1410 HR is a mix of potassium carboxylates, with 14% K content, diluted in DEG. The product is used as co-catalyst to boost cobalt performance and reduce color in unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats. Further, the product is also used as liquid trimerization catalyst for polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam. Our catalyst ensures a highly cross-linked polyisocyanurate foam structure, resulting in strong and durable insulation products. VALIKAT K 1410 HR was developed to provide an alternative to 2-ethylhexanoate-based potassium catalysts.

Technical Specifications of Potassium Carboxylate - VALIKAT K 1410 HR

Physical Appearance




Metal Content

14% potassium


Diethylene glycol

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Applications - Catalyst

Co-catalyst to boost cobalt performance in unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats

Trimerization catalyst for polyisocyanurate foam

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Stijn Dekeukeleire

Stijn Dekeukeleire

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