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Structured Linseed Alkyd - KB 173 EU

Structured Linseed Alkyd - KB 173 EU

Low-tack, High-structure Alkyd for Exceptional Pigment Wetting

KB 173 EU is a solvent- and mineral oil-free alkyd blend with low tack and a structured body. The combination of low tack and physical structure allows it to be used without adding to misting or dot gain. The product is an exceptional pigment wetter for reducing gloss back and bronze, especially in carbon black and lithol rubine. Further benefits include Swiss Ordinance compliancy, positive oxidative drying and good drying to hard film.

Technical Specifications of Structured Linseed Alkyd - KB 173 EU

Physical Appearance




Viscosity 25°C (dPa.s)


Tack (30°C-100m/min)


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Applications - Sheetfed Ink Additive

Excellent pigment wetting for ink applications

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Kathy Devos

Kathy Devos

Application Manager Ink Vehicles & Additives