Umicore is a fully integrated producer of cobalt carboxylates, the principal cobalt drier used in the paint and ink industry. Besides cobalt carboxylates, Umicore offers a wide variety of other metalorganic compounds, secondary driers and mixtures. Further, Umicore produces a broad range of alkyd resins or esters to supply the paint and ink industry or our tolling partners.


  • Anti Skinning agent
  • Cobalt Polymer
  • Metal Carboxylates
  • Paint drier
  • Pigment
  • Resins / Alkyds
  • Wood treatment


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Arsenic TrioxideCobalt Chloride Cobalt Chloride SolutionCobalt Hydroxide Advanced GradeCobalt Hydroxide Standard GradeCobalt Oxide Advance GradeCobalt Oxide EXCobalt Oxide EX FineCobalt Oxide GreyCobalt Oxide ORCobalt Sulphate Cobalt Sulphate SolutionCROSSCORE 5000 ECOS Co 2 Zr 3 D60 ECOS Co 3 Zr 4,5 D60 ECOS Co 3 Zr 4.5 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 103 D60 ECOS Mix 145 ECOS MIX 145 N Neo D60 ECOS MIX 236 Neo Aqua ECOS Mix 26 D60 ECOS MIX 26 D60 -85% ECOS MIX 26 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 330 Neo D60 ECOS Mix 353 Aqua ECOS MIX 353 Neo Aqua ECOS MIX 380 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 53 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 633 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 7 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 835 Neo D60 ECOS MIX 9 ECOS MIX 9 Neo D60 ECOS MIX EXPB Neo D60 ECOS MIX PL1 Neo D60 ECOS MIX T280 D60 ECOS MIX T280 Neo D60 ECOS ND 15 ECOS ND 15 1% Styrene ECOS ND 15 3% D60 ECOS ND 15 Aqua ECOS SIL 413 D60 ECOS SIL 413 Neo D60 Nickel Carbonate 33%Nickel Carbonate 38%Nickel Carbonate 40%Nickel Carbonate 41-42%Nickel Carbonate 42-44%Nickel Carbonate 48%Nickel Carbonate 49%Nickel Oxide FineNickel Oxide SGNickel Sulphate EN GradeNickel Sulphate Solution EN gradeNickel Sulphate Special GradeNickel Sulphate Technical GradeNickel Sulphate UM GradeVALIFLEX MD100.21 VALIFLEX PG100.23 VALIFLEX XT100.16 VALIRES EU 060.11 VALIRES HA 040.01 VALIRES HA 040.02 VALIRES HA 040.03 VALIRES RD 300.20 VALIRES RD 300.25 VALIRES RE 050.87 VALIRES RE 060.66 VALIRES RE 065.10 VALIRES RE 06582 VALIRES RE 070.06 VALIRES RE 080.77 VALIRES RE 080.88 VALIRES RE 085.85 VALIRES RE 370.65 VALIRES RE 570.06 VALIRES RO 100.02 VALIRES RO 100.43 VALIRES RS 060.71 VALIRES RX 050.04 VALIRES RX 055.04 VALIRES RX 155.04 VALIRES RX 255.04 VALIRES SE 060.60 VALIRES SE 080.20 VALIREX Ba 12,5% D60 VALIREX Ca 10% D60 VALIREX Ca 10% Overbased D60 VALIREX Ca 4% AO VALIREX Ca 4% D60 VALIREX Ca 4% N D60 VALIREX Ca 5% AO VALIREX Ca 5% D60 VALIREX Ca 5% N D60 VALIREX Ca 5% N Neo D60 VALIREX Ca 6% N D60 VALIREX Ce 10% D60 Pure VALIREX Co 10% D60 VALIREX Co 12% D60 VALIREX Co 6% D60 VALIREX Co 8 % D60 VALIREX Co 9% Aqua VALIREX Co6 Zr9 D60 VALIREX Co6+Mn6 D60 VALIREX Li 2% VALIREX Mg Neodecanoate 25% VALIREX MIX 1055 VALIREX MIX 1255 VALIREX MIX 20 D60 VALIREX MIX 236W VALIREX MIX 26 D60 VALIREX MIX 26 HS VALIREX MIX 270 EHD VALIREX MIX 31 D40 VALIREX MIX 31 D60 VALIREX MIX 330 VALIREX MIX 353 Aqua VALIREX MIX 353 AquaVALIREX MIX 360 VALIREX MIX 38 N D60 VALIREX MIX 380 VALIREX MIX 381 VALIREX MIX 53 D60 VALIREX MIX 631 VALIREX MIX 633 VALIREX MIX 655 VALIREX MIX 69 NE VALIREX MIX 695 VALIREX MIX 7 D60 VALIREX MIX 745 VALIREX MIX 835 D60 VALIREX MIX 9 D60 VALIREX MIX EXPB VALIREX MIX PL1 VALIREX MIX T-270 VALIREX MIX T265 Aqua VALIREX Mn 0.5% D60 VALIREX Mn 10% D60 VALIREX Mn 6% D60 VALIREX Mn 8% D40 VALIREX Mn 8% D60 VALIREX NOVAL VALIREX NOVAL 50% D60 VALIREX NOVAL NEXT VALIREX SIL 413 D60 VALIREX Sr 10% D60 VALIREX Sr 10% NEO D60 VALIREX Zn 10% D60 VALIREX Zn 12% D60 VALIREX Zn 16% D60 VALIREX Zn 16% Neo D60 VALIREX Zn 18% D60 VALIREX Zn 22.5% VALIREX Zn 22% VALIREX Zn 8% D60 VALIREX Zr 12% Aqua VALIREX Zr 12% D60 VALIREX Zr 12% Neo D60 VALIREX Zr 18% D60 VALIREX Zr 18% Neo D60 VALIREX Zr 18% Neo Premium D60VALIREX Zr 24% D60 VALISPERSE RS 074.83 VALITHANE RU 050.22 VALITHANE RU 055.56 VALITHANE RU 060.69 VALITHANE RU 090.26 VALITHANE RU 355.01 VALITHANE RU 355.44 VALITHANE RU 360.01 VALITHIX TE 167.04 VALITHIX TS 050.01
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